Friday, March 9, 2012

Ice Cream Cakes Made More Affortable by Bake & Churn

One sees Bake & Churn Ice Cream Cakes kiosks in almost all of the major malls in the country.  I, however, being such a late foodie bloomer, only recently had the pleasure of tasting a Bake & Churn cake.

Bake & Churn kiosk in SM Bacoor

When the Little One celebrated her 4th month of physical existence (wala lang  J) a few months back, I decided to purchase their Black Forest ice cream log (Php250) to celebrate.

Bake & Churn's Black Forest ice cream cake

Chocolate ice cream covered in a thin layer of cake with a fudgey center.  Covered with a light vanilla icing, sprinkled with cocoa powder and generous slices of chocolate pieces and cherries, and you've got yourself one heavenly concoction.


I just love the combination.  Makes it perfect for any occasion or simply whenever you feel like treating yourself after a hectic workday.  J

A slice of happiness

Bake & Churn dome ice cream cakes (the round ones) sell for Php530 for one whole piece or Php58 a slice, depending on the flavor.  Ice cream logs sell for Php199 to 250 or Php40 a slice.

Ice cream cakes made more affortable by Bake & Churn.


Bake & Churn Ice Cream Cakes
M      (+63 917) 887 2537 / (+63 917) 809 5072


  1. I haven't tried bake and churn though I always see their kiosk every sunday whenever i do grocery shopping at sm marikina.I think i should try it. just wondering which to try?^_^

  2. Yummy!
    Is the pic taken at SM Bacoor? hehehe

  3. I haven't tried ice cream cakes yet.. :( I'll make sure to order a slice or 2 when I pass by any of Bake & Churn's branches.. :D

  4. this reminds me of the ice cream cakes or easter figures which my parents usually buy when we were kids at the magnolia plant in aurora boulevard, q.c. actually, what we want then was the dry ice that came with the packaging as we played with them, ha ha ha

  5. for sure this is yummy, naubusan ako nito nung umattend ko ng birthday party. hehe!

  6. Did you say fudge at the center and ice cream log? Worth a try, thanks. :)

  7. favorite ko to sis,yummy and affordable at the same time! :)

  8. i suddenly remembered the easter ice cream figures which we usually buy every year from the Magnolia plant along Aurora Blvd., Q.C., when we were children.

    Actually, what we wanted was dry ice which was included in the packaging that we used to play with by putting it in water, ha ha ha

  9. @ladymishel: I had black forest and apple cinnamon already. Both are really good. =)

    @i♥pinkc00kies: Yup! Perfect for birthday parties since you don't have to buy cake and ice cream separately. Hehehe! =)

    @Em: Yes! How'd you know? =)

    @Sumi Go: You'll find them in almost all of the major malls. They're very well-known kasi. =)

    @Batangala: The old tried and tested ones are the first to go talaga. I hope they can still offer that someday. =)

    @michi: Wala talagang laban pag bata ang kalaban sa ice cream cake. Hehehe! =)

    @lazyblackcat: Yup. I originally thought that this was purely ice cream cake. There is baked cake in there too pala. =)

    @michymichymoo & Sapphire Mommy (Mommy Jo): Yup. Plus very afforfable. =)


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