Monday, March 5, 2012

Best Western Premier F1 Hotel: The Sights (1 of 2)

NOTE:  A waaayyyy long overdue post.  My sincere apologies.  L

I was browsing through a set of pictures in my computer files when I discovered a whole folder of photos we took during the family's stay at Best Western Premier F1 Hotel last November 2011 (yes, I am weird that way.)

So, if you would permit me, I would now like to share them with you now.  J 

Best Western Premier F1 Hotel

I knew it was only a matter of time before Fort Bonifacio would boast of it's own hotel.  Seeing as how it's quickly becoming quite a major business hub like Makati, albeit with fewer building structures and bumper-to-bumper traffic (for the time being anyway).

The main reason for our staying here is, well, we found ourselves with a 3-day vacay with the Hubby who extended his trip here in Manila after a business meeting.  I was scouring through a list of hotels where we could stay that wasn't really too expensive.  And that's when I found out that the Best Western Premier F1 hotel was, at the time, having a Php4,500 NETT a night promo.  So off we booked and enjoyed a 3 day, 2 night stay in one of their Deluxe Superior rooms.

F1 the Hotel also F1 the Condominium?

I knew of an F1 way before the hotel, also located in Taguig.  But the F1 I knew was a condominium, one of the many I was checking out when I was planning on buying one a few years back. 

Wonder of all wonders, I found that the F1 hotel houses residencial units within the same building.   Occupying the upper floors, it is accessible by special card keys that is given to unit owners.  So I guess this is the same F1 line of condominiums afterall.

Lobby Love

The hotel's main lobby, located at the 5th floor, is a low-ceilinged area littered with furniture reminiscent of Kenneth Cobonpue designs.  Unfortunately, I was not able to confirm if they were Cobonpue originals but I can tell you this though -- they're exquisite.

Hotel lobby

Deluxe Superior Room

Let me start off by saying that the F1 hotel has the biggest (in terms of floor area) standard room we have stayed in thus far!  In fact, it's so spaceous that we were able to put the Little One to sleep in her pram by going around in circles around the room.

Deluxe Superior room

The room offers a huge king-sized bed, a small sitting area and study in the corner.  At the time of the promo, we were also provided with free and very fast wifi.  Yahoo!

The study

Oh!  And I so adore the touch sensitive lamp. 


We used to have a similar one in our old home but this is the first time I've seen one this modern.  You just slide your finger over the small round circle and voila!  The lamp lits up and closes at your touch.

On/off sensor

Here's also one that's different from the other hotels I've been to -- hardwood floors!


I know.  I know.  It's nothing special, but I just have this thing with hardwood floors.

The room service and do not disturb signs are so unusual too.

Electronic "do not disturb" and make up room signs

And although the bath and toilet are quite ordinary,

Toilet and bath

I was quite estatic to see this...

Hand bidet sprayer

A hand bidet sprayer!  Very simple, yes, but I rarely seen this in a hotel.  Don't know why exactly.

Our room's floor to ceiling windows afforded us this view of Fort Bonifacio's tall towers.  A little to the right and you get a nice view of Bonifacio High Street as well.

Fort Bonifacio on a rainy Saturday

A Lounge Act

F1 hotel boasts of a jacuzzi...


...and 2 different sized pools.

Shallow children's pool

Lap pool

My only major gripe about this is that another tall structure is still being built right beside the hotel, hence, you may expect a few peering curious glaces from the workers.  Too close for comfort if you ask me.

There's also a bar in case you feel like ordering a drink or 2.

The bar

Ample of interesting seating pieces too, also following the same Cobonpue aesthetic.

Hubby and the Little One loitering about

My entry on F1 hotel would not be complete without pictures of the grub.  So stay tuned for my next post.  It's sure to be a mouthful.  J


Best Western Premier F1 Hotel
32nd St., Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Philippines
T       (+63 2) 928 9888


  1. Nice hotel!! :) That electronic "do not disturb" and make up room signs are indeed unique :P

  2. Ang ganda naman! Swerte nyo ha at natyempuhan nyo ang promo!

  3. The room looks really nice :) I hope I can have a staycation in F1 some time soon. Anyway, can't wait for your post on F1's food :D

  4. natawa naman ko, nov. 2011 at nalimutan mo ipost. ganda ng room. will wait for your next post. =)

  5. a Best Western Premier Hotel is just right across where we live here in Seoul:-)

  6. @Hazel: Yup. It's so modern. I love the minimalist design. =)

    @anney: Swerte nga e. They don't usually advertise the promo rate so it was just our lucky day, I guess. =)

    @michymichymoo: Agree. It's so minimalist and with clean lines too. =)

    @Sumi Go & michi: Coming up na. =) Is it as slick as the one they have here? =)


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