Saturday, March 5, 2011

REVIEW: Ordering Non-pancake Items at Pancake House

Pancake House is known for… well... pancakes.  A staple breakfast fare in the West, normally served with sweet fruits or syrup of your choice.

Well, I being the nonconformist girl that I am, I decided to try another breakfast fare item on the menu when I once found myself eating at their Blue Wave, Pasay branch.

Pancake House in Bluewave, Pasay City

First off, I ordered the Perfect Match (Php 210) – composed of crispy bacon strips (hmmm…pork butt…), a hash brown, 2 pieces eggs, 2 pieces toast (actually this is just one loaf sliced cut diagonally, but still Pancake House prefers to call this a 2 piece toast) and choice of coffee or tea. The meal also includes butter but for those wishing for an alternative, strawberry jam can be requested instead.

Mom, on the other hand, decided to have their Continental Eggs (Php107).  Meal was composed of 2 eggs, a hash brown, 2 pieces (daw) toast and a pat of butter. She also an asked for an additional order of sweet ham (Php 89).

My comments on our meal experience?

1. I was dismayed by our first waiter.  An unintelligent caveman-like grunt was our welcome greeting!

2. My toast was toasted to one side only. Last I checked, toast should be toasted on both sides.

3. The strawberry jam looked and tasted like Jellyace. No kidding.

4. The hash brown was ok but nothing really spectacular. I guess I was still under the spell of the heavenly hash brown I had from Mom & Tina’s (please click here for my review) that I was sort of expecting the same quality as well.

5. And to top it all off, our table had an opened, torn packet of sugar. I mean, it's ok if the packet was accidentally left at the table. But, man! The torn side was placed inside the canister, with the not torn edge sticking out, to make it look like it was an unopened pack!

Chalk one up for experience. As expected, we won’t be coming back to their Blue Wave branch very soon.  Shame, really, since I love their lunch specials.  =(


  1. I ate at the Boracay branch Pancake House and I found disappointment with the food, prices and staff. I took 6 others with me for breakfast which was way overpriced for two eggs, meat that was like jerky and a small tiny cup of coffee upon when I asked for a small warm up I was told that I had to buy a whole cup of coffee for 85 pesos. I just hate that place now. The pancakes tasted like it was bought at the local grocery store, nothing special at all.

    1. In fairness to Pancake House, some of the other branches I've tried was ok. Although they do have problems with service. =(

  2. been to a couple of branches of pancake house. their food is good but in my opinion a bit expensive for such small servings.


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