Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Piece of Henna Art along the Boracay Coast

I never fail to get a henna tattoo every time I visit beaches.  And Boracay is definitely no exception. With such great rates, I definitely got into the summer beach groove soon enough!

One finds a number of stalls scattered along the beach path offering this service, most for a minimum of Php100 (for basic designs.)  With so many of them to choose from, how exactly do you pick?

Me?  I simply haggle!  But all things being equal, if by some miracle all of them offer the same minimum price after haggling, then I suggest you choose someone whose personality you like (that’s in my opinion anyway.)

After 30 minutes, I came out with 2 tattoos – one on my ankle, the other on my arm.

Kuya even gave some interesting tips on how to make sure these temporary tattoos last longer on your skin:

  1. Try to avoid wetting your henna tattoo for a few more hours after it has completely dried.  Moisture disrupts the darkening processes, hence shortening the life of your body art.
  2. Try not to exfoliate too much or even shave on the part of your skin where the henna tattoo is located.
  3. Apply vegetable, baby or massage oil daily to help your tattoo last longer.
  4. Dabbing lemon juice also helps to seal in the henna.
Love it!!!  =)

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