Monday, March 14, 2011

The Perfect R&R: Boracay Beachside Massage

I'll be the first to admit it -- I am such a workaholic.  And add work to the stress of trying to accomplish my graduate thesis on time, needless to say, I was one big wreck.  I was aching all over, most especially on my back and neck.  Numerous trips to different doctors all resulted in them giving the same advice over and over again -- I had to get me some major R&R!

So, our trip to Boracay couldn’t have come at a much better time.  And so, while walking along the white, pristine sand, it was with great joy that I came across some masseuses who were offering massage services along the beach.  Such heaven!

For only Php350, you get to enjoy a one-hour full body massage, amidst the sound of waves slowly crashing against the surf (how’s that for ambiance?)

Ate Nanette, my masseuse for the hour, told me bits and pieces about her craft.  She said that before, when Boracay was still slowly being developed and hotels were very few, there were a lot of those in her profession combing the beach looking for tourists who wanted to experience a nice, relaxing massage.  She said that on average they used to have at least 10 customers in a day!

However, the hotels along the area quickly caught up with the craze and established their own massage stations along the beach, oftentimes competing with the already low price Ate Nanette and her companions were offering for their services.

They lost their customers bit by bit.  Nowadays, she is lucky enough to have 3 or 4 customers in a day (and that’s even during the busy months!)  Makes you think whether competition in this sense, although a blessing for the consumer, is still favorable when it means unjustly leaving behind some of our kababayans engaged in similar businesses but at a smaller scale.

That massage was so great!  The kinks in my neck and back were gone and I thanked Ate profusely.  I hope I still see her again the next time I visit Boracay.  =)


Support our kababayans by engaging their services.  You can find these masseuses combing the the beaches of Boracay anytime during the day.  =)

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