Monday, February 28, 2011

Nathaniel Salang’s 3-day Basic Photography Seminar

Sometime in the mid-2010, I was fortunate enough to have a won a DLSR camera from Sony and AXN Asia (Wohhooooo!!!)  Having been born with a very bad contest streak (I swear I could never win a thing in any contest or raffle before!), this prize came as such a huge and welcome surprise, exactly just what I needed to get me out of my funk that time.

It finally arrived!  =D

My preciouusssss...

Unlike point-and-shoot types, I knew I had to learn the basics in using my new baby.  Hubby is an avid amateur photographer, and I didn't have any more intentions of carrying his camera bag while he snaps happily away with his toy!  So a few days before I was to leave Manila, I decided to attend Nathaniel Salang’s 3-day basic photography seminar.

I knew about Nathaniel Salang before, having attended a brief introduction to photography workshop that he gave at our office a few months back.  It also didn’t hurt that he came highly recommended by an officemate, who attended one of his programs and was all praises of his photography skills and lecture abilities. (Did I also mention this friend of mine is actually a relative of Sir Thaniel’s?)

Choosing however to believe in my mate’s thunderous and generous praises (galing mong magconvince, Rosey! Hehehe!); and trusting her good judgment, I signed up for the workshop and found myself among 15 plus students at the Tim-aw Art Gallery in Makati one early Sunday morning, eagerly anticipating the 1st day’s lectures.

And wowed we were! Not only were we given a brief introduction of the magical camera, we were also provided with helpful tips and tricks in using our babies.  We learned the lingo (aperture, compostion, etc.); and the techniques of capturing creative photos.

Sorry.  The shot is a little shaky.  =)

All these, coupled with our weekly assignments and follow-up critiques (and I should also mention, some very generous prizes for the winners), made each session truly memorable and enjoyable.

What I do love about the seminar are the follow-up contests and support made available to all his students way after the 3-day seminar ended, ensuring that one could still continue enhancing your photography skills.

The seminar, however, only teaches you the basics. As in every skill, practice and determination is always necessary in perfecting your craft.  So don’t enroll and expect to become a world-class photographer after the 3 sessions. Practicing the techniques you’ve learned will make you a better photographer.


For more information on the workshop, you can visit Sir Thaniel’s Multiply site here.


  1. don't bother enrolling.. this course is a complete waste of money. Better to just read and study the camera manual instead...much better. Don't waste your time..

  2. @Anonymous: Uhmm... If you read the post, you'll know I already did. =)

    It was ok naman. =)


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