Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An A-Ok AyosDito Shopping Experience!

I love shopping!  Show me a member of the female sex who doesn't.

It serves as stress-reliever of sorts for me most especially on days when work just seems to follow you around even after the clock has struck the end of the workday.  Not only does it distract my mind from work, the walk also tones my lower limb muscles.  Beat that, Stairmaster!  =)

Robinsons-May shopping bagphoto © 2020 Aaron | more info (via: Wylio)

Suddenly finding myself pregnant, however, has seriously cramped my shopping therapy exercise.  Contending with the swollen feet and aching back dilemmas, among other things, I now find myself simply just too doggone tired to walk for longer periods.  Whereas before I used to be able to go mall hopping for at least 6 hours before I felt any sort of fatigue, now even as little as an hour makes me want to plop down the nearest comfy chair!

And so I realized that in order to save my sanity, and my back, from the aches and pains, I have resigned myself that staying at home most of the time for the duration of my pregnancy is the best solution.  But that doesn’t mean my shopping days are over!

And for this, I thank God for AyosDito! Touted as one of the best buy-and-sell sites in the Philippines, AyosDito serves as an online classified ads website where sellers and buyers, regardless of their location in the country, can meet online and accomplish transactions with relative ease.

The thing I love about this site is its easy search features wherein I can locate sellers offering items of my choice per location.  It makes comparing prices so much easier!  And I do so love a good bargain.

Being a blogger has offered me a myriad of opportunities to sharpen my photography skills (who doesn’t love blog entries with pictures?)  A compulsion you do develop with being an amateur photography hobbyist is the itch to purchase a new camera from time to time.

With AyosDito, I can now easily canvass for a Nikon d90 right in my very own home. 

My soon-to-be preciousssss.....

Anyone who’s tried to locate ads in conventional print mediums can tell you that locating the right one can take minutes, sometimes even hours!  You can’t sort them by keywords nor by location, but with AyosDito, classifieds are much easier to navigate!  Making searching and browsing through ads such a breeze!

And now, if you would excuse me, I'll be getting ready to buckle down on my seat and locate my new potential DSLR baby!  Just look at the specs about the Nikon d90 (12.3 megapixel APS-C format sensor, Live View, D-Movie mode, etc.)!  Its enough to make anyone drool…


Got a cool, AyosDito story to tell?  Leave a comment and share it with the rest!  =)


  1. waaah! i want a d90 too! *drooling.
    i haven't tried buying from AyosDito. =)

  2. @Mrs.Bech: You should try. Its really very easy to navigate and locate ads. =)

  3. I buy mostly from eBay and Multiply. =)

  4. @blackshirt: Try AyosDito as well. You might be surprised at the variety of choices available. =)

  5. @Sir Thaniel: Hinde naman po sir. As an alternative. Although still happy with the current one. Still thinking. =)


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