Saturday, June 17, 2017

SG | Daiso Haul (June 2017)!

As evidenced by previous posts, I love shopping in Daiso!  S$2 (approx Php68), they offer great savings and can definitely help stretch your dollar.  And considering how expensive it is in Singapore, every time the shopping bug bites me, an hour at Daiso is all the remedy I need.  πŸ˜ƒ

So in this post,  I want to showcase my Daiso haul!

1. Cube case tray - Small acrylic boxes that fit in nicely with a 3-part acrylic container that Daiso also sells.  Will be using this for my next craft project!

2. Magnetic metal case - Great for keeping small jewelry pieces handy, especially those I wear on an everyday basis.

3. Stock box 1 - Great for my craft tools.  Roomy to boot.

4. Synthetic leather bracelet - Useful when you want to design your own bracelet but I'll be using it for another craft project instead.  πŸ˜ƒ

5. Small Japanese design coin purse - Adorable and useful on it's own; but using it for a craft project, as well.

6. Baby wet wipe lid - Any hardcore parent of a small child knows wet wipes are indispensable items when out and about.  Seriously, the Daughter is now 5, but I still have a pack (or 2) in every bag I use.  This lid can come in handy when the sticky seal doesn't work.  From reviews I've read, this thing is reusable and actually does the job quite nicely.

7. Stretchable double-sided tape - Bought since my adhesive utility hooks need replacing.  Hoping it will work as well as the 3M kind.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

8. Transparent double sided tape - Great for craft projects!  Works very well.

9. Medicine pill box - Bought for the Daughter to use as her Barbie's luggage (don't ask.  😁).

10. Section case - I used to have a similar one but with detachable compartments (not bought at Daiso), but I find they don't really do a good job in separating my small craft beads and bric-a-brac.  This one from Daiso has fixed compartments and are able to hold and separate my craft pieces perfectly.

11. Blue cloth - Also for crafting.

12. Disney Princess washi tape - Bought for the Daughter for her craft projects (yes, she is slowly starting to take over the craft gene.)

13. Apple cutter - The Daughter loves apples.  It's all well and good, however, she prefers eating them cut into pieces.  So this apple cutter comes in well and make the job easier.  Only downside is, if your apple core is not in the middle, then the core doesn't really clean out smoothly.

14. Hello Kitty net - Useful for scooping dirt out of laundry water.

15. Storage case for long boots - Not really intending to buy this one, as I was hoping for a box of some sort to keep my boots in.  But since Daiso doesn't carry one, I settled for this instead.  πŸ˜ƒ

Great haul.  πŸ˜ƒ


  1. Mas mura pala sa SG compared sa Pinas, P88 dito ang Daiso.

    1. Yes. My mom even comes here to shop at Daiso din. Heheh! The best part pa about the Daiso here is their variety of products. Sobrang dami! Malulula ka. :)


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