Saturday, March 12, 2016

SG | Milkcow

Round 2 in the Korean-style soft serve ice cream wars.  This time around, I get to try Milkcow.

Milkcow in Velocity@Novena Square

As with Honey Creme, Milkcow follow almost the same formula:

Number 1: The cutesy motif?  Check.
Number 2: Organic offerings?  Double check.
Number 3: Original flavors (also in line with the cutesy motif)?  Triple check.

Heck!  They even offer almost similar servings.


But the ice cream's always the star attraction here.  This time around I just opted for the Milky Honey (minus the comb).

Milky Honey

Simply put, Milky Honey (S$5.50/approx Php180) is the shop's soft serve drizzled with organic honey.

The verdict?  I like it!  For me, Milkcow's soft serve actually tastes better than Honey Creme's.   Although similarly sweet, I find this particular ice cream brand milkier and creamier.

Now this I'll be more than happy to queue up for.



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