Saturday, March 5, 2016

SG | Honey Creme

The battle of the Korean-style soft serve ice cream has already started in Singapore, running since 2014, me thinks.  Now isn't it high time I try and see what the hype's all about?

First stop, Honey Creme.

Honey Creme

Is it just me, or does it seem like almost all major Korean food shops follow the same recipe?

Number 1: The cutesy motif?  Check.
Number 2: Organic offerings?  Double check.
Number 3: Original flavors (also in line with the cutesy motif)?  Triple check.

From what I hear, Honey Creme isn't really the brand that started it all.  That distinction goes to Softree.  But although a knock-off (riding the bandwagon of the Korean-style soft serve ic train), foodies swear by the brand and its delicious sweet, milky goodness.

On a regular day, they offer 10 flavors and introducing a few seasonal items during special holidays.  But alas!  I am but one person and my waistline cannot take too much sweets anymore.  So I, begrudgingly, settle on one that caught my eye -- the Comb Honey (S$5.60/approx Php190 a cup).

Comb Honey
I've never been one to take my ice cream ladled with too much toppings.  It just doesn't seem right.  So the idea of a simple vanilla soft serve topped with organic honey and the comb (no less) sounded just right (plus I was curious to know what honey comb tastes like).

Another angle

The verdict.  It was ok. 

The ice cream itself wasn't too sweet (with the honey providing it with the perfect amount of extra saccharine needed, a good mix.)  But I think it's lacking a bit of that milky flavor, which was sort of what I was hoping to taste (basing it from reading other people's reviews of this brand).

The honey comb?  Sweet but with a few waxy bits which stuck into my teeth.  The parts that were edible provided an interesting, slightly crunchy contrast to the milk ice cream.  For the most part though, I just squeezed the extra honey out of it.

The verdict?  Not too bad.  Not really something I'd want to line up hours for, but I am curious to try the other flavors.


Honey Creme

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