Saturday, November 21, 2015

SG | Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park is a small hill in Singapore situated within the main CBD and has stood a quiet witness to this city state's colorful history

Fort Canning Park

The hill held the site of Sir Stamford Raffle's first residence and also Singapore's first botanic garden.


The place was also formerly named Government Hill, mainly because Raffle's residence eventually served as the official living quarters of subsequent Governors of the old colony.

Later on, it was decided to use the hill for military purposes.  Raffle's residence was demolished and a fort erected (complete with an arms store, barracks and hospital), later named Fort Canning (after Viscount Charles John Canning).  It has survived a war (has also been used by warring factions too.)

Mural within the garden

Nowadays, the park is a popular venue for concerts and events.  Plus a new attraction, the Singapore Pinocotheque de Paris, the establishment's 1st expansion outside of Europe.

Pinocotheque de Paris

There's also the Hotel Fort Canning, a boutique hotel in the middle of the park.

Hotel Fort Canning
But if you ask me, it's the little gems that  make this place worth visiting.

A sally port

Wood detailing

From the cemetery to the murals, pathways and greenery; it's a veritable oasis of green and rich history.


Fort Canning Park
Cox Terrace 
Singapore 17961

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