Saturday, November 14, 2015


Love, love, love finding new, awesome stuff!  Like this nifty Pilot FIXION pen.

Pilot Fixion pen

Yeah, yeah.  I hear yah.  It's a pen.  What's so special about that?

Well, folks, this here pen, aside from being a smooth writing instrument, uses erasable ink.  Yes, you read right.  Just like a pencil, you can easily erase pen mark mistakes with this pen.

A lot of research has gone into making a FRIXION pen (if you're interested to learn more, just head on over to the site where they explain the science behind this amazing product), but to explain in simplest terms, the ink is "erased" when exposed to heat (which is usually what happens when you rub or apply friction.

Now you see it...

There's a nib at one end that functions as the eraser (yes, it's replaceable if you wish to do so).

Now you don't.

I haven't actually tried using erasing the ink using anything else but the nib attached to the pen.  This experiment I leave to other more scientifically-inclined bloggers. 

There is a downside though, the ink (whether in the pen or written on paper) when exposed to very high temperatures (60 degrees C) will become invisible.  To make the ink reappear, simply place the pen, or your paper, inside the freezer and the ink reappears again.  I would not recommend signing important documents or answering test papers with this thing.


But come on!  It's a freakin' eraseable pen!!!  If that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will.  :)

Pilot's FRIXION line also carries highlighters and colored pencils.  Selling at S$2.10 (approx Php70.00) in major stationary shops in Singapore.

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