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Save Money While Shopping Online

With today's technological advances, it's not surprising that more and more people are flocking to the internet to satisfy their shopping needs. It's convenient, easily accessible, and at times (if done right), can save you a bit of money.  Options are also endless as you get to enjoy everything that the web has to offer.
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Shopping, whether in a physical store or online, requires that one be smart and conscious in order to make good money saving decisions. The temptation is always there but trying to shop strategically ensures that you make wise decisions and will not regret your purchases later on.

In fact, here's what I usually do whenever I shop online:

TIP #1. ALWAYS compare prices (a.k.a. comparison shopping).

This is a habit I've developed over the years. I prefer to get good value for my money, hence comparing prices first is one of the best ways to do that.  And with the internet, it's actually so easy to do as everything can easily be searched through Google or other search engines.

In fact, for ebooks (which makes up the bulk of my online purchases), I've even discovered a few websites that can compare prices from various well-known ebook stores (Amazon, Google Books, Kobo being some of them) all in one convenient page.  So convenient!  I also get to check current promos all in one site without browsing and opening different websites to compare.

TIP #2. Try checking out Group buying sites.

I know group buying sites have been getting a bad rap for so long but there are actually some that provide good service and products.  Just be vigilant, and (as mentioned in tip #1) do the necessary research (reviews can be found all over the web).  Aside from that, read the fine print.

As for me, if a coupon is being offered from a retailer/merchant I've tried before and it's for a service I've had or have been availing of for years, then I'm definitely buying one.   Promos for rebonding at David's Salons are actually on top of my list as I cannot live with unrebonded hair.  

TIP #3. Check out the merchant's website, Facebook page, etc. first for discounts or coupons.

This I've learned the hard way.  There are a lot of family friendly attractions that we try to bring the Little One to whenever we are in Singapore.  They do not come cheap, usually requiring us to pay out at last S$60.00 or more for admission (2 adults and a toddler priced tickets).

We used to always pay full price; that was until a friend of ours suggested that instead of dropping by and buying tickets on site, we'd better first check out the merchant's/attractions's websites, Facebook page or other similar websites.  Discounts and coupons are usually offered when you purchase tickets online.

And they were right!  We've scored 10 to 20% off the actual price just by ordering tickets online.

TIP #4. Hunt for coupons from affiliated sites.
Slightly related to tip# 3.  Coupons and promo codes can be found all over the internet.  You'll see people clamoring for it (as evidenced by people being shown in TLC's Extreme Couponing).  If you do exert a little time to find them, they're also a great way to save money.  With discounts ranging from 10% to even 75% off the original price!

There are also affiliated websites that cater to those who are looking for coupon (for instance, those interested in looking for Nordstrom coupons or promo codes can do so by visiting sites like  Googling them up is so easy too.  Believe me, even discounts as small as 10% will make a big difference in the long run.

How about you?  Any online shopping tips you adhere to? 


NOTE: This is a a sponsored post to help people looking for readily accessible coupons for major international retailers like Nordstrom (promotion codes for 2014).   All tips and opinions are the writer's own.

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