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PH | A (Slightly) Rainy Outing at The Watercamp Resort

What to do when you have your birthday during one of the rainy season months (as is the case with the Little One and the Favorite Nephew?  Go swimming, of course!

The Watercamp Resort

Yes, I know it is highly unusual to go swimming on such a dreary day but with the 2 (the Little One and the Favorite Nephew) kiddos in the family craving for a water fun-filled outing, how can you say anything but yes?

And so it was decided that the family take in a special overnight tour of the nearby Watercamp Resort for 2 days of watery fun during an almost equally watery (with the sun peeking sporadically) day!

A Standard of a Room

Since the Watercamp Resort was located fairly near our home in Cavite, the family decided that spending a night over was more than enough to thoroughly enjoy the resorts pools and amenities. 

Their typical standard room, priced at Php3,050.00 a night, is basic and comfortable enough for 3 adults and a growing toddler.

Standard room

And when I say basic, I do mean basic.  Sparsely furnished; which has certainly seen better days (that plus a busted shower head, too).


With our own balcony overlooking the pool area


It's fine, though, as we would be spending most of the day swimming anyway.

The resort also offers other types of accommodations that can also fit larger groups wishing to stay for the night.


Picnic tables and pavilions are also available for those on a day only outing.

Picnic pavilion

How Many Types Of Pools Can You Fit In Such A Small Space?

And this I ask in all sincerity.

Boasting of 6 various types of pools, one can't help but be amazed at how the resort owners were able to squeeze all of that in one relatively small land area (parking not included).

View from our balcony

From our balcony alone, you can spot 2 adult-sized pools (one with a tall water slide) and a shallow wading pool for kids (complete with a small play fixture).  All these three surrounded by a 160-meter lazy river (open only during the holidays and weekends).

Children's interactive pool (still closed for the morning)

But that's not all, folks!  Located at the other area of the resort is another pool with slides and a mini wave pool, too.

Two more!

Six pools in total.  Amazing!

Little Josephine Food Service Outlet

Yes, we brought in food -- lunch and dinner (ahhh... the perks of living so near).  But for those who can't bring their own, there's always the Little Josephine Food Service Outlet.

Still closed early in the morning

There are also carinderias (small eateries) and sari-sari stores located nearby.  You won't go hungry, don't worry.

And a Playground, Too.

Kiddies can also make use of the resorts well-equipped playground area.

Play area

This, plus swimming, made for one extremely tired toddler (who slept way before her bedtime, thus ensuring a very happy cable channel surfing mommy). 

There's just so much to see and do.  Even on a slightly rainy day.  Not bad for a short family outing.  


Watercamp Resort
Panamitan, Kawit
Cavite, Philippines 4104
T     +63 46 484 5703
       +63 2 404 9911

Please visit the Watercamp Resort website (click here for the site) for more information on operating hours and ticketing prices.

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