Friday, April 25, 2014

Las Paellas Cafe

I've come to accept the fact that I might not probably have the skills to learn how to cook a mean Paella (a kind of Spanish rice dish) anytime soon; me being such a novice in the kitchen.  And that's why places like Las Paellas Cafe in San Juan is God-send for people like me who just don't have the chops for Paella-cooking.

Las Paellas Cafe

Now the Husband is the culinary genius in our... uhmm... marital duo (if there ever is such a phrase).  And while he did learn how to cook his own version of Paella, he isn't exactly a fan of the tedious pre- (ingredient prep), mid- (the actual long cooking time required), and post-cooking (what with the scraping and cleaning up of the tutong -- slightly burned rice -- riddled pan, etc.) process required in making this dish.  It's a highly tedious cooking process that, really, takes a lot outta you (which is most probably the reason why we have this dish only once in a blue moon.)


So with that in mind, when eating at a place like Las Paellas Cafe where you're most probably going to have the specialty of the house (Paella, of course), it would be quite prudent to (a) come not-so-famished as the wait's really gonna kill you, or (b) order one of their great appetizers like their Chorizo and Cheese Sticks (Php210).

Chorizo and Cheese Sticks

A word of caution, this dish tends to get slightly salty, what with the ingredients used themselves plus the cheese and aioli dipping sauce served on the side (the garlicky sauce works, though.)  Best eaten hot with the cheese just so messy and gooey. 

After a few minutes wait, you get served with the piece de resistance, Las Paellas Cafe's Paella Valenciana (Php510).

Paella Valenciana

Pippin' hot saffron rice with bits of chicken, pork, chorizo (a type of Spanish sausage), and various seafood and vegetables.  And like what all Paella lovers know -- the tutong at the bottom's the best part.  J

Las Paella's Cafe also serves a mean Home Blended Iced Tea (Php95.  Bottomless.  Wohoo!) and a good selection of fruit juices (Php85 - 110.  Not bottomless.  Boo!), too.

Orange juice (Php110) and Las Paellas Home Blended Iced Tea (Php95)

A great Paella meal with no washing up to do after?  I'm in heaven!

No cleaning up to do!


Las Paellas Cafe
Promenade , Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills
San Juan, MM, Philippines
T     +63 2 723 7485

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