Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Addams Family Musical to be Shown in Singapore

A recent trip to Resort World Sentosa found us face-to-face with huge posters about the upcoming theater production, The Addams Family Musical.

The Addams Family Musincal (photo by Carol Rosegg; SOURCE:

Showing this July 9 to 28 at the Festive Grand Theatre in RWS (please visit the RWSentosa website for more details), it features a whole new story about this zanny family.

Curiosity got the best of me (I simply love The Addams Family but couldn't imagine it being a musical), so on to YouTube I went and this was what I found.

Nathan Lane was Gomez Addams in the original cast!  Now they've got my attention (Adore Nathan Lane in theater!)  But that was not all that caught my interest.

One of the final lines in the song "When You're An Addams" says;

It's family first and family last.
And family by and by.

It really got to me.  And now I remember why I love the The Addams Family movies and cartoons.  It's the idea of a close-knit family; that when you are an Addams, you are an Addams for life.  Family comes first, last, and in between.  And regardless how crazy and unusual they are, the most important thing is that each member loves the other unconditionally.

*Sigh* Now I'm wishing I could catch the performance here...


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