Friday, May 10, 2013

A Singapore Food Post: Swensen's®

After the fiasco that happened at NAIA 3 and my slight annoyance at certain passengers during our flight back to our 2nd home (read more about that in my previous post -- link here), the Little One and I finally arrived in Singapore without any other major mishap.  Whew!
And with us having arrived a little later than expected, we decided to have an early dinner before heading on for home.  Our choice?  Why, Swensen's®, of course.

Swensen's® at Changi Airport 2, Singapore

I may probably be the last person in Manila to try a BonChon chicken (read my crazy post at this here link), but I can definitely say I'm not the last person to have tasted a Swensen's® meal.  Haven't tried them in Manila though, but here in Singapore, it's one of the Husband's and my favorite restaurants.  In fact, we've been frequent patrons since 2008.


Although Swensen's® is well-known for their creamy desserts, it's their savory meals that keep us coming back again and again.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

Creamy Mushroom Soup

A really creamy soup made from Shiitake and button mushrooms. A good way to start your meal.

Creamy mushroom soup

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta (S$16.90 / Php557.70*)

Grilled chicken thigh in sweet teriyaki sauce served with spaghetti and a side of vegetables. 

Chicken teriyaki pasta

The noodles are lightly coated in oil (olive, me thinks) and sprinkled with a few herbs.  Compliments the tasty chicken perfectly.  It's sweet and savory and delicious!

Crabmeat Fried Rice (S$14.90 / Php491.70*)

I usually have the baked rice dishes at Swensen's® (definite bestsellers, too) but for this trip, we decided to have the Crabmeat fried rice for a change.

Crabmeat fried rice

A traditional fried rice meal with crispy battered soft shell crab on top.  Never regreted it; not even for a minute.

Swensen's® Banana Split (around S$9.00 / Php297* a serving)

And this being Swensen's®,  it was only but fitting that we ended our meal with ice cream -- 3 scoops of it in the form of a luscious, creamy Banana split.

Swensen's® Banana Split

Classic ice cream flavors of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate topped with a generous helping of whipped cream and almonds, and garnished with a banana and a cherry.  Yum!  (Note: select outlets also offer an all-you-eat ice cream and dessert buffet too, for those with really vicious sweet tooths -- like me!!!)

So you see, Swensen's® can deliver some really tasty meals, too.  J

*S$1 = Php33


Mezzanine Level, Arrival Hall North,
Changi Airport Terminal 2

60 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819643
T      +65 6542 8219

Please visit Swensen's® Singapore website (click here for the site) for more information on menu items and branch locations.


  1. I don't even know that we have Swensen's here. Maybe in NCR. =) Kudos to you, I'm so afraid to travel (via plane) with my son only. Iniisip ko pa lang mastress na ko.

    1. I was scared too but now, medyo less stressed na siguro since I've experienced it already. I'm hoping it gets easier naman as she grows. =)

  2. I haven't tried Swesen's here. Must give it a visit soon! ;)


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