Friday, April 26, 2013

Days and Nights at the Somerset Olympia Makati

I end my balikbayan (coming home) vacation series with a post about our staycation at Somerset Olympia Makati.

View of the Somerset Olympia Makati from the inner courtyard

This is not the first time we've stayed in an Ascott Limited-managed serviced residence.  To be more precise, a few days in November 2011 saw us celebrating an early Christmas at the Ascott Makati (read my full post about that experience in this here link), all thanks to a misunderstanding in reservations by the Husband's office.

But one person's folly is another one's gain as we tremendously enjoyed our stay.  So as expected, we also had such high hopes for it's slightly less expensive (relatively speaking; as compared to the Ascott Makati) counterpart. 

Enter Through An Alley Here

The lobby at the Somerset Olympia Makati is slightly hidden from the outside world.  Entrance is at the lower basement level where a small ramp down leads to the lobby and parking areas, accessible through Apartment Ridge Road.  Those on foot can reach this area by entering a small courtyard at the ground level and entering the CAVA Bar and Restaurant.

CAVA Bar and Restaurant

Entrances to the 4 residential towers are in the basement, along with the gym, a small pool, and other amenities.


Rooms with a View

But since we're not the athletic-type (as evidenced by the lack of 6-packs in our tummies.  J), let's move on and take a peek inside the suite.

A small corridor, accessible only by guests who have electronic keys, leads the way to the elevators.  Nothing fancy here.  Sort of reminds me of hallways seen in very old residential buildings.


Since the Paternals were with us for our 3-day stay, we opted to book a 2-bedroom suite to accommodate everyone.

Pictures of both rooms combined

As with the Ascott Makati, it also comes complete with a dining room, sala (living room), kitchen, and small laundry area; also includes the basic conveniences one may need (i.e. plates, pans, etc.)

Other rooms

No concerns here as the suite is, as always, tastefully done, albeit showing a few signs of wear and tear here and there.  This I don't mind much as I feel they are irrelevant in enjoying a good hotel stay.

This, though, I find a little unusual.

Liquid soap dispenser

Instead of the usual cute, small bottles of shampoo, body wash, and bar of soap, Somerset Olympia Makati has these soap and shampoo/body wash dispensers in each bathroom.

NOTE: If you have a baby with you and will require the use of a stroller, try to request a room that's NOT located in the 8th floor as getting to your suite requires the use of a flight of stairs (their elevator only reaches till the 7th floor.)  This is for our tower that time (2 if I am not mistaken).  I am not so sure if this is also the case for the others.

Up a flight of stairs

It really isn't much of a bother but as I've said, it still requires a lot of hauling and lifting when a stroller is necessary for your family.  And anyone who's ever traveled with a baby in tow will know just how hard it is to maneuver a pram through difficult obstacles.

Meals at the Old Swiss Inn

Breakfast is complementary with an option to dine at either the CAVA Bar and Restaurant or the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant, located in the courtyard at the ground level.

Old Swiss Inn

If you ask me, have it at the latter as they have more (relatively) satisfying choices.  But then again, their buffet spread isn't really that much impressive, so if you choose not to redeem your free breakfast, then by all means please do so.  You're not really missing out on anything.

I do love the adobo, though.  It was delicious.


The Padir said that Old Swiss Inn in Paco, Manila was the place to be back in the days.  The food is great and it had a reputation of being a fashionable dining establishment.  In fact, it wasn't unusual to see the place dressed up to the nines as it served as a popular wedding reception venue before.

Final Thoughts

Staying at the Somerset Olympia Makati is a ways away from the 5-star experience you can get at the Ascott.  Giving it more thought, I guess I could compare it more to a budget (but with their prices, doesn't really suit the tag) or a boutique hotel (without the eclectic personality?)

Whatever it is classified as, it's a good place to stay when you need to check-in a hotel/serviced resident for a few days.


Somerset Olympia Makati
No. 7912 Makati Avenue
Makati City 1200, Philippines
T     (+63) 2 812 1010


  1. mukhang ok naman ang room. kaso hassle naman mag-elevator tapos stairs.

  2. This is beside my mom's former building. haha. How much are the room rates? :)

    1. I can't remember how much exactly but we booked through because it was a little cheaper compared to if we booked with them directly. =)

  3. That's near where I live. I was thinking of going on a staycation with my daughter this Mother's Day weekend. I'll check out their rates. Thanks :)

  4. Last Philippines post mo na pala. I hope na makabalik agad dito sa Pinas. :-)

    When it comes to complimentary breakfast, pinapatos ko na kahit hindi impressive yung food. Complimentary eh. Sayang din. Hehe

    1. We do so din pero we wanted to eat at Mcdonald's din kasi. Hehehe! =)


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