Friday, April 19, 2013

A Fresh Take on Old Icebergs Favorites

Children of the 80s and 90s (like me) would most probably remember Icebergs, that mecca of deliciousness serving one of the best banana splits in the Metro.  There was even a time when most major malls and places with high foot traffic were graced with this oasis of desserts.  Times have changed and with that, they've slowly hidden away from the limelight.

Good thing, though, that they're quite recently reviving this place of sweet havens; a rebirth of sorts.  And let me tell you, their offerings are still as luscious (perhaps even more) as I remember them to be.


Back in the bygone days of my youth, Icebergs was one of the more popular places to-go to get your ice cream cravings highly satisfied.  They offer a variety of creamy concoctions that were specifically made to tingle your sweet tooth with delight. 

With the rebirth, they now added a number of both savoury and sweet delights to tempt young and old alike.  Starting off with their Boneless Chicken BBQ (Php198).

Boneless Chicken BBQ

Comes with a cup of rice, atchara (a local pickled condiment usually made from unripe papaya), and a sweet peanut java sauce.  If you're a fan of The Aristocrat's Chicken Barbecue, than you'll also love this particular version.  In fact, their sauce tastes almost similar.  Only difference would be the lack of java rice (in Icebergs' entree).

For pasta dishes, I highly recommend their Home-style Spaghetti (Php178), a bestseller of the store's.  And believe me, one bite and you'll know why.  It's sweet (done in the classic Pinoy style, of course) and meaty, topped with a generous sprinkling of salty cheese.  A plate comes with 2 slices of buttered garlic toast. 

Home-style Spaghetti

This dish's tagline (as stated in the menu) ends with the phrase "even kids love it."  I beg to differ though as spaghetti, in my opinion, is almost every kid's dream meal.  The line should read "even adults love it", don't cha think?  Quite evidenced by the number of "mature" patrons ordering this dish every time we dine at Icebergs (or maybe the kid in us just doesn't outgrow the love of spaghetti.)

And of course, a visit would not be complete without ordering a banana split.  Icebergs have many kinds (along with parfaits, milkshakes, sundaes, other local cold dessert options, etc.), each of them just as delicious as the next on the menu.  But for this particular trip, we deemed it wise to stick to the classic -- Classic Banana Split (Php178), that is.

Classic Banana Split

And although it comes with the usual toppings (nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry on top), this sweet dessert is simplicity in itself, which in my opinion, makes it a delight to savor and is just as satisfying as its other more expensive counterparts (in different stores, if I may add).  Ice cream flavors to be used can be choosen, subject to availability and reasonableness of request (i.e. no chocolate cookie dough ice cream here, folks.)

Icebergs -- how you take me back to my youth.  J


G/F SM Mall of Asia South Wing
Pacific Drive, Manila Bay Reclamation Area
Pasay City, Philippines
      +63 2 556 0762

Please visit the Icebergs' Facebook page (click here for the site) for more information on menu items and branch locations.


  1. Have you tried the Godzilla ice cream? Love it! :)

    1. Not yet. Madalas banana split lang kasi kami. Will try that next time. =)

  2. We celebrated my daughter's first birthday at Icebergs, in that branch :). I never thought they had yummy food until then. Oh, you are making me crave right now...


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