Monday, February 4, 2013

MM Fine Foods’ Corned Beef (A Singapore Food Post)

I’m not really a fan of corned beef.  The taste, the texture -- whatever it is -- it just doesn’t agree with me.  Unfortunately, it is the Husband's favorite breakfast (and lunch and dinner) staple and so have it we must at least once a week.

Good thing, though, that we have MM Fine Foods' corned beef here in Singapore.

MM Fine Foods' corned beef

I don't have a lot of info on this company since my searches on the web have been sort of futile, but I do know that MM Fine Foods is a company that sells various meat by-products.  What makes their corned beef a little different is it’s sweet, beefy taste.


And unlike preparing the usual corned beef (where I have to add garlic, onions, and tomatoes, then further season to suit my taste), MM Fine Foods’ just requires adding (a lot) of onions (well, it’s a personal preference, though)

I love sautéing the onions till they're caramelized then dumping a whole pouch-worth of this corned beef brand on the pan.  Stir, let cook a little and viola!  Sweet, succulent corned beefy goodness in every forkful.  Tastes great with pippin’ hot rice and fried egg (prepared sunny side up, if you please).  Yum!

A pouch sells for around S$4.50 (Php148.50).  Unfortunately, this brand isn’t readily available in major supermarkets here; usually just located in small neighborhood grocery stores.

*S$1 = Php33


  1. It seems this MM FFoods corned beef made you a fan of corned beef too :)

    BTW this made me super hungry! :)

  2. i sometimes add potato strips to absorb some of the saltiness and oiliness of the corned beef, although we now rarely have them for meals.

    have you tried it on bread with mayo? yummy, ha ha ha

  3. Corned beef has always been my quickie comfort food. After sauteing the onions, I cook the corned beef to a crisp. And then I'm good to go.

  4. Napilitan dahil kay mister. :-P

    Ako naman dito sa Thailand hirap maghanap ng corned beef kaya nagdala paako galing Pinas.

    Ang style ko naman ay ginigisa ko yung corned beef then bubuhusan ko ng itlog. Sarap!


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