Friday, July 6, 2012

PR: Pole Dancing and Wheatgrass Can Make the World Happier!

Welcome to the world of pole dancing, inhabited by men and women with great abs, rippling muscles and unbelievable physicality (read: balance, coordination and sensuality).

Margaret Jade Chua Lao:
Fitness perfect - - pole dancing and wheatgrass.
Belonging to this blissful world is Polecats Manila performer and dance instructor Margaret Jade Chua Lao, who at 37 and standing 5’6, is mother to a ‘sixteener’ whose world revolves around soccer, rugby, swimming and baseball.

Margaret Jade Chua Lao:
Fitness perfect - - pole dancing and wheatgrass.

She crawls up and down poles, spins around them with grace and ease because she’s been pole dancing since July 2009.  She recalled, “About that time, I was looking for a physically challenging workout so I went to the gym, attended spinning classes until I saw an ad about pole dancing.”  From day one at the Polecats class run by artist Christina Dy (known for her charcoal drawings), Margaret was hooked.

Despite her active lifestyle and her penchant for veggies and fruits, she had a never-ending bout with constipation.  She tried breaking it by trying different products that promised relief.  "There came a point where I even tried laxatives which isn't really good if taken daily," she confessed.

In 2010, she saw a TV infomercial where Dyan Castillejo talked about Easy Pha-max wheatgrass.  Intrigued by Dyan's testimonial, Margaret googled the 'superfood' and browsed the company website (  The more she researched, the more it fired her curiosity about wheatgrass.

Margaret concedes that the body needs more fiber to help the digestive system function properly.  The plant wheatgrass is packed with dietary fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins and nutrients that aid in preventing health disorders like constipation and diverticulitis.

She said that upon her first swig, it immediately yielded the cleansing results she long yearned for.  "My bowel movement has turned from irregular to regular.  The feeling of being cleansed every morning made me more energetic and more confident about myself throughout the day.  Because of my daily intake of Easy Pha-max wheatgrass, the cleansing has flattened my tummy. Not only did it give me the feeling of being lighter inside, it has also reflected on me physically," she attested.

Margaret eventually eased her son into the wheatgrass habit to relieve him of his chronic constipation.  She gave him the honey-flavored wheatgrass but her son liked the pure flavor better.  “My son told me that after taking two sachets, his bowel movement became regular.  As a growing teenager, he is becoming very conscious of his physical appearance and his health.  He's now more physically active.  Even if I didn’t push him to it, he makes it a point to drink a glass of wheatgrass everyday upon waking up.  We make sure we also drink enough water,” she said.

Easy Pha-max wheatgrass has become a part of the nutritional regimen of people she's close to.  In her family, Margaret points to her mother as a recent ‘convert.’  Add Polecats Manila, where almost everyone is familiar with the green drink.  “We always have a box of both flavors in our studio which the students and the dance instructors help themselves to during classes.  I drink it twice, upon waking up in the morning and when I get home in the afternoon.  It is my great pleasure to share what I believe will make this world a happier place…pole dancing and Easy Pha-max wheatgrass,” she said.


To know more about wheatgrass, healthy blood, and preventive healthcare or simply wish to order Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Powder or any of their wheatgrass-based health products, please:

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  1. parang ang saya matutunan ng pole dancing hihi! :)

  2. I can hardly believe my eyes when I saw the title for this post. For the longest time, I have wanted to try pole dancing. And as serendipity would have it, my friend introduced the idea of wheatgrass to me just last week. So, the combination of your post title hit right home :).

    I must say that I have to be dared a bit more, just so I'd have the courage to do pole dancing :). So for now, I'll stick to wheatgrass :)


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