Monday, July 9, 2012

The Little One Goes to Universal Studios Singapore! (OR What the Little One Saw Along the Way... Part 1 of 3)

There was once a little girl who was dragged by her adrenaline-loving parents, enthusiastic grandmama and less-than-energetic granddad to, what her mommy thinks, is the happiest place on earth (for adults, that is) -- Universal Studios Singapore!

The paternals posing in front of the Universal Studios trademark globe

BUT... before we move on to the good stuff, I'll have to keep you all waiting for a bit since there are a lot of things the Little One, and I for that matter, saw that I feel is worth sharing (plus a gazillion photos I would also want to post.)

A Quick Detour to VivoCity

First off, a quick trip to VivoCity, reputably Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle shopping mall to date.


In getting to Universal Studios Singapore, it is inevitable that you will have to pass through or by this shopping complex as the theme park is conviniently located on Sentosa island (a very popular island resort here.)

So getting there is done, among others, either by cable car or the Sentosa express train (of which the stations are located inside VivoCity), by bus (specially designated buses pick us passengers for a S$2 / Php66 fare and of which their terminals are located in front of the mall), or for the health buffs, by walking along the Sentosa boardwalk or canopy-covered travellators (situated on the connecting bridge to the island located right beside, you guessed it, VivoCity.)  So you see, there's just no escaping it. 

Browsing Through the National Geographic Store

We used to live quite near VivoCity (took us only about 5 bus stops from our old flat.)  It actually felt good to be visiting again and, of course, browsing through one of my favorite stores ever -- the National Geographic Store!

SOURCE: National Geographic Singapore Store Facebook page

Selling tons of National Geographic-inspired apparel, accessories, books, toys, and even beautiful photographs that their award-winning photographers themselves have taken.  There are also tons of unusual items too, like a slab of stone with embedded fossilized fish dating way back centuries ago (and it's the real deal, people!)

I must admit, though.  I have yet to purchase an item from this store since their merchandise are so ridiculously expensive!  Case in point, a ladies polo shirt can cost as high as S$80 (Php2,600)!  I do, however, love browsing through the store, most especially through their photographs section, some even spanning decades since the magazine's initial publication.

For now, I am saving up for a coffeetable book.  In a few more months, you will be mine, National Geographic Essential Visual History of World Mythology!  (Yes, I am a mythology freak!  So sue me.  J)


Legoland Malaysia to Open in 2012!

A piece of good news!  Asia's very 1st Legoland theme park is set to open on September 15, 2012 in Johor, Malaysia

It was quite timely, our quick detour at VivoCity, since we got a glimspe of what Legoland Malaysia will be like.

A preview of Asia's very 1st Legoland
(in miniature scale model)

Just think!  76 acres full of Lego-inspired rides and attractions!  Heavenly!  Personally, I'm very much excited to visit their Miniland and Imagination sections.

Legoland Malaysia's Miniland area features amazing miniature versions of various Asian landmarks.  And I sure do love photographing miniatures!  Just like this small-scale replica of Hotel Legoland, which was also on display.

Minature model of Hotel Legoland

On the other hand, the Imagination section of the theme park is a no-holds barred space where visitors can play with Lego toys all they want!  There's no holding back to what you can build.

Here's the Little One testing out just a few of the attractions one can expect at the theme park.


Can't wait to visit this soon! 

Onward to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)

Universal Studios Singapore is a part of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), a gigantic integrated resort located on Sentosa island.

Aside from the US-based theme park, RWS also boasts of 6 hotels (Crockfords Tower, Hotel Michael, Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Equarius Hotel, and the Beach Villas), a casino, the Marine Life Park (touted as the world's largest oceanarium), The Maritime Experiential Museum, a number of fine and casual dining establishments, fashion galleries, and salon and spa establishments (kulang na lang ng "partridge in a pear tree."  J)

Resorts World Sentosa

There are a number of ways in order to get to this resort.  You can visit their site,, for full instructions.

Lunch at Malaysian Food Street

Locating dining establishments in Singapore is never a problem since for one thing, Singaporeans, similar to Filipinos, view eating as a national pasttime.  But when in RWS, I highly recommend you visit Malaysian Food Street located just beside Universal Studios Singapore.

Malaysian Food Street

A historical tidbit:  Did you know, Singapore used to be part of Malaysia?  After World War II and their invasion by the Japanese, the Lion City reverted back to British control but were given increasing self-governance power.  This eventually led to their merging with the federation of Malaysia (along with Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak) in 1963.  Disputes arose between fractions which then led to Singapore to become an independent republic in 1965. (SOURCE: Guide Me Singapore website

A significant portion of their population are, in fact, Malays so it is but normal that Malaysian fare plays and influences a lot of the local dishes.

And this is what Malaysian Food Street aims to provide -- quality, authentic Malaysian cuisine from well-known food hawkers.  Entering inside takes you back to the olden days in any food street in Malaysia.


There are a number of hawker areas here selling anything from Claypot Chiken Rice to various noodle dishes to dumplings and desserts, all well-known favorites of the bygone era.

Replica of Chinese shophouses

My personal favorite?  Malacca's Chicken Rice Ball

Aren't they such cuties?

It's just like any old serving of a chicken rice meal with a slight difference.  Whereas you're usually served with a bowlful of rice, Malacca's come in tiny balls.  Very tasty!

But Wait!  There's More...

Stay tuned for more of the Little One's adventures at Universal Studios Singapore!  To be continued...

*S$1 = Php33


1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

National Geographic Singapore Store
#01-19 VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585!/pages/National-Geographic-Singapore-Store

Legoland Malaysia
Nusajaya, Johor

Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098269

Malaysian Food Street
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098269


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  1. i will check your post again if we have plan to go to SG, madali na ang paggawa ng itinerary. =)

  2. Awwww.... your baby must have had a blast!

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  4. nagutom naman ako bigla sa chicken rice ball ;P


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