Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's an Ascott Christmas!

NOTE:  A very late post.  Please bear with me.  J

See that gleaming tower on top of Glorietta 4?  Yup, that one facing the new Glorietta 5 building, near SM department store.  That's Ascott Makati, folks.  And it sure is a beauty from the inside out.

Ascott Makati 
(photo taken from the Ascott Makati official website)

Ascott Makati is classified as a serviced residence apartment that's luxurious enough to rival any 5-star hotel in the country.

When entereing Ascott Makati, the very first thing that greets guests is this small quaint hall which serves as the initial entry way.

All decked out for Christmas.  J

But stepping out onto the 6th floor, where their actual main lobby is located, and you’ll be floored by the enormity and size of it all.

Ascott Makati lobby

Accomodations and Amenities

We were fortunate enough to have a 1 bedroom deluxe suite.  It’s simply furnished but is stocked with the necessary basics.  I also love the floor-to-ceiling windows that gave us really great views of the city.

This became our home for 3 glorious days.

Since Ascott Makati is mainly marketed to tourists wishing to stay in Manila for long periods, you’ll find each room stocked with almost everything you need to feel more at home.  There’s a refrigerator, oven, stove, washer and dryer, just to name a few.  Pots, pans, plates and utensils are also stocked in the kitchen.  A compiled set of appliance instructions comes with every room.

Fret not, for there’s still room service available for those who just want to fully relax and avoid lifting a finger.

One really nice security feature of the room is the built-in channel on the TV that is directly connected to the CCTV camera at the main lobby.  So in case someone comes a-knocking looking for you, you can check them out first before them giving access to the upper floors.

CCTV camera access on the TV

Fancy a dip in the pool?  Ascott Makati’s got it covered.  You choose from adult or children-sized pools or a Jacuzzi.


 There’s also a covered cabana where you can get a relaxing massage.


Another thing that I love is their children's outdoor play area. I rarely get to see this in most of the places we’ve stayed in.


And here we are fooling around in the play area.  The Little One is sooo gonna hate us for this.  Hehehe!  J


Café on the 6th

The Ascott serves meals at their restaurant, Café on the 6th.

Large area suited for a lot of diners.

Just like in any 5-star hotel, their buffet also comes fully loaded with scrumptious goodies and treats.

My top picks: pancit canton, smoked salmon, cherry danish and 4 seasons juice

A really nice feature I immediately noticed is this small seating area for the kiddos.

Children's dining area

And if you look closely at the small serving table near the windows, you’ll find how well they’ve kept their little guests in mind.

Cereals served in dump trucks with toy shovels as serving spoons!  How cute is that?  J

Holidays at the Ascott

We were quite lucky to have stayed at Ascott Makati at the time we did.  We were treated to a glorious night of sweet carols


…And festive lights.

Ascott Makati's Christmas tree

We want to teach the Little One the value of giving and helping others.  By donating a small amount to charity through Ascott’s Christmas outreach program, we hope that she learns as early as now that it is better to give than to receive.

Have a BEAR-y (pun intended) Merry Christmas!  J

Holidays at the Ascott was a truly memorable experience.  All these small touches made our stay truly comfortable.  J


Ascott Makati
Glorietta 4, Ayala Centre
Makati City 1224
T     (+63 2) 729 8888


  1. This is such a nice place! :) I'd love to treat my parents in a staycation here some time soon. It'd be perfect. Thanks for sharing this sis.. ^^

  2. nice naman yung children's dining area. =)

  3. Kewl! I wonder how much a overnight stay costs..

  4. Wow. Ganda naman d'yan. Reminded of the hotel/apartment hotel I stayed on in Australia.

  5. Ang ganda namn! May play area pa for the kids para di mainip!

  6. i only saw ascott hotel from the outside.. didn't quite realize it's actually super duper nice on the inside! thanks for the tour ;)

  7. Most of my relatives are from province and every that they visit us here in manila we cannot accommodate them all in our small residence, because our Guest room are full of Clothes and other stuff that it may look like a garage that’s why sometimes we send them to stay in hotel and there are not really comfortable with it, kasi madaming kulang sa hotel. And I think this is a perfect place for them, it is more accommodating and a few step from the mall.


  8. @Sumi Go: You're welcome. I'm sure your parents will love it there. =)

    @michi: Yup. Just perfect to keep the little ones occupied for a while. =)

    @michymichymoo: Admittedly, it's a little expensive. Our room was around more than 10K, I think. Not exactly sure as Hubby hid the bill from me. =(

    @Ishmael Fischer Ahab: Yes, it is a very nice place to stay. Especially if you're renting for longer periods. =)

    @anney: Yup. There are also a lot of expats who bring their families in. They really thought of trying to make this place enjoyable for everyone. =)

    @Hazel: You're welcome. =)

    @QUEENIE G.: My relatives from Canada stayed there recently. It really is convenient especially if you want to cool your own meals. =)


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