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FAB FIND: DAISO JAPAN's Eye Glasses Fit (Ear Hooks)

I'm loving my new OWNDAYS (a Japanese eye shop brand) glasses.  They're durable and stylish and definitely does the job well.

My home-wear pair is great, has withstand abuse and misuse these past 6 months.  My going-out pair?  Let's just say that the design has its pros and cons.

My rimless frame OWNDAYS glasses

My going-out pair is a rimless beauty that I had fitted out with Transition lenses (read my last post about OWNDAYS in this here link).  The frames are made to weigh as little as possible, mainly to let the user feel like he/she isn't wearing any glasses at all.

I'd say in that aspect OWNDAYS did deliver (in a way).  Whenever I wear this particular pair, I don't feel the weight or strain on the bridge of my nose.  However, I am still made very much aware of my glasses as, also because of its light weight, it keeps on slipping down my schnoz, especially in the afternoons where I tend to do most of my walking/exercise (the sweat adds on to it slipping down).

So what's a girl with slipping glasses supposed to do?  Google for the solution, of course!  In one of my caffeine-fueled internet binges, I stumbled across a brand called WedGees.  It's basically a pair of small stoppers that you slide onto your frames.  These things "wedge" themselves behind your ear, holding on to your frame which helps stop your glasses from slipping.

Now the only problem is availability.  Even here in Singapore, these WedGees are just too new (?)/too novel of an item to have readily available.  I did see a few online shops selling them but they cost too much!

My salvation came with a trip to "the best store evah!" -- DAISO JAPAN.  And it was amongst their endless array of merchandise that I was able to locate this Eye Glasses Fit

DAISO JAPAN's Eye Glasses Fit (ear hooks)
The name sounds off, I know (Eye Glasses Fit?); but basically, they're ear hooks.  Slip it on your glasses and adjust accordingly to fit snugly behind your ear.


And it works!  No more glasses slipping on my nose!  And the best part?  Only 2 (approx Php68) bucks!  Whatta a find!

Fitted on

I said it once, and I'll say it again.  THE BEST STORE EVAH!


Daiso Japan


  1. I will check Daiso and try this for my son, we put something for the nose but it didn't last, sayang P150.

    1. I read somewhere not nosepads daw. You should adjust for the ear hooks in the ears is more effective. :)


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