Saturday, February 20, 2016

SG | OWNDAYS Optical Shop and Eyewear Boutique

I finally had new eye glasses done!  Woohoo! 

My rimless glasses from OWNDAYS Singapore

Admittedly, my last 2 pairs were cheapo ones I bought in the Philippines, had them since 2012.  Decided to downgrade due to the fact that kids and expensive eye wear do not mix well.  Believe me, the Favorite Nephew alone has cost me 2 pairs of transition lenses already (and that was only during the first 1 and a half years of his life!).  So the desire to spend a bit higher on eyeglasses while the Little One was still... uhmmm... little, was not to my liking.

But with restarting my career here in SG and the daughter already 4, I decided it was high time to purchase a good pair again.

And so, off I went and bought 2 really great pairs at OWNDAYS Singapore, a Japanese optical shop that offers a wide range of eyeglass frames at an affordable price (relatively cheap considering you're in Singapore).

Prices start from S$98 to S$198.  Add S$100 for special lenses (like transitions or tinted lenses) and you get the 2nd pair (lowest price) at 50% off if you buy 2 in one transaction/appointment.  Both glasses came with nice cases and eyeglass cleaning cloths.  It usually requires only a 20 minute wait for your glasses but if you're having it fitted with special lenses, you might have to wait for 2 weeks before getting your pair.

Aside from the 20-minute wait time, another selling point for OWNDAYS is it's range of house brand frames.  Boasting original frames in 1,500 designs, they work with various designers to make sure that there is a design that will suit all their customer's needs and desires.

My "for-home-use-only" eyeglasses are durable, albeit bit heavy, which is just perfect as I tend to be careless with my home-use glasses (placing them anywhere, accidental droppings on to the floor).  As of the moment, this particular pair has experienced 4 drops to the ground (from a dining room table/bed side table height) for the 6 months I've had them.  Still strong and no scratches!  Amazing!

For my going-out pair, I opted for a rimless frame and had it fitted with transition lenses.  The frame itself is very light and feels like you're wearing nothing at all.  A bit of a change from what I usually buy but it has its pros and cons (tell you all about the cons in my next post).

But it is stylish (one of the most stylish ones I've had so far) and is surprisingly durable, considering it's light weight.

Total cost for both?  Paid about S$350.00, not bad for 2 great durable lenses and frames.  Oh!  And did I mention, all frames come with 6-month warranty?  Cool!



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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in buying your eyeglasses. very helpful and informative!


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