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School of Rock 10-Year Reunion (held last 2013)

I've been very late in regards to showbiz news as apparently School of Rock, just turned 10 years old (last 2013, anyways).  =)

SG | Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park is a small hill in Singapore situated within the main CBD and has stood a quiet witness to this city state's colorful history


Love, love, love finding new, awesome stuff!  Like this nifty Pilot FIXION pen.

Fab Find: Daiso's Liquid Label Remover

Aahhh... Daiso.  My wonderful wasteland of every thing.  Period.  You go in and come out with something you've never imagined you needed!  Amazing!

One of the best things about living here in Singapore is that Daiso stores are humongous, offering a lot more merchandise than what you can normally see in any of their branches in the Philippines.  My newest find?  Their Liquid Label Remover!

Why am I hooked?