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PH | Modern Shanghai

It's been an exciting time for the country's culinary scene.  A lot of new restaurants are popping up which has opened up our taste buds to more than the usual fare.  From local dining options (hey, Filipino food will always delight my senses) to Western and Asian concoctions; yes, folks, it's definitely a smorgasbord of eats!

Fairly recent, was the entrant of more sophisticated (or, I think, slightly more unusual in our parts) Chinese fare in the Metro.  The most talked about?  Xiao Long Baos (Php208.00).

Xiao Long Baos

Sure, they're pork dumplings.  We've surely had them before; but they're dumplings with soup (more specifically tasty broth)!  Bite a bit off the top, add some ginger slices, dip into a little Zhenjiang vinegar, and enjoy the warm, silky, chewy (from the skin) texture.  Ahhh....

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I forgot to mention I had this particular piece at Modern Shanghai, a fairly new restaurant serving local Shanghai cuisine.

Modern Shanghai

Short (very) restaurant info? Check! Let's move on to the rest, shall we?

My family (father's side) are feet lovers of the fowl kind.  Many people veer away from it, but I eat them with gusto and polish off an order with a vengeance.

Streamed Chicken Feet (Php128.00)

No exception here; but I do share (albeit reluctantly) as I am trying to set a good example for the Little One (the perils of being a parent!)

Signature Shanghai Fried Noodles (Php288.00).  Stir-fried thick noodles with meat and vegetables.  A little oily (but I've noticed most Chinese dishes are, anyway.)

Signature Shanghai Fried Noodles

Best eaten with a hanky or tons of tissue paper on hand.

Signature Braised Lucky Pork Knuckle (Php888.00).  Why lucky?  I don't know.  It didn't bring any luck to the pig, right?  Or maybe it's to justify the triple 8 price tag?

Signature Braised Lucky Pork Knuckle

Nevertheless, it was one succulent, tender piece of meat.  Delicious!

Deep-fried Prawns with Preserved Egg Yolk (Php528.00).  'Twas ok.  Personal preference as I'm not really into shrimp.  The Husband did polish off half.

Deep-fried Prawns with Preserved Egg Yolk

Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php248.00).  Always the Little One's favorite.  She can eat this even without any ulam (which, come to think of it, doesn't really require any viand at all to begin with.  Horrors!)

Yang Chow Fried Rice

I personally think that high-end restaurants based in the Philippines should be banned from offering mango juice from the can.  We have the sweetest mangoes, people!  It should be a crime against humanity to offer anything less than fresh (and with that matching price tag?  Highway robbery!)

Good thing we got the real deal at Modern Shanghai (Php138 for a glass).

Delicious meal indeed!  


Modern Shanghai
3F Glorietta 2
Makati, Philippines
T     +62 828 2931


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