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Eyebrow Grooming with Vivid® LED Tweezers

I've always had my eyebrows threaded when I was still in the Philippines.  Yes, it is painful (view my post about it here) but it saves me so much time and effort in grooming them.  In fact, I've gotten so used to having it done that I find my brows are itchy for a session at least once a month.

But now that I am here in Singapore, I don't exactly have that luxury anymore specifically because I have yet to find an establishment that offer these services at an affordable rate (I'm leaning towards Strip: Ministry of Waxing but my goodness!  They charge an arm and a leg -- read: almost S$30/Php900 -- for a session.  Not in the budget for now since milk and diapers for the Little One are more important than groomed brows.)  Aside from that, I won't just go to any old hole-in-the-wall, mind you.  Mahirap na.  I might end up looking like a manang (old woman.)  L

So what to do in times like these?  Well nowadays, my pair of Vivid® LED Tweezers is my saviour.

Vivid® LED Tweezers

Just as the name implies, these are a set of tweezers with a LED light attached to them.

Vivid® LED Tweezer with case 

Shines that much-needed light whenever you're working on your brows.  Makes it so darn easy to reach those annoying, fine eyebrow hairs!

I see the light!

It even comes with it's own case and handy mirror for those quick touch ups.

Mirror and case

Such a cool tool in a handy container.  Fits even the smallest of cosmetic puches.

Neatness in a compact size

Battery-operated (uses replaceable AG3 batteries) and comes in black, pink and white colors.

Vivid® LED Tweezers are also great for removing those painful splinters and even for hobbies and model-crafts making.  In fact, I am seriously thinking of getting one more for my craft kit.  Hmmmm...  J


Vivid® LED Tweezers are exclusively distributed by CCLH International Impex Corp.  Check out their site at for more details.


  1. ang mahal ng charge for threading! good thing you found an alternative tool :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ay! Hindi naman. Baka sa pictures ko lang. Hehehe! =)

  3. 900 pesos for eyebrow grooming in SG??? WOAH. dito meron 100pesos lang for threading! anyway, i like that it has led light :D

  4. Grabe! ang mahal. Sabagay, almost everything is mahal nmn yata jan. Balik kna dito sa Pinas :)


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