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The Unknown Dan Eric

Many people in our neck of the woods (Cavite) have most probably known of Dan Eric's.  But who, or what pray tell, is a Dan Eric?

Dan Eric?

Dan Eric's is a local ice cream brand that is quite popular here in the South (although I’ve been told they also have it up North in the Rizal area as well.)  It’s creamy texture and tasty flavors make this one truly heavenly dessert, rivaling the best and well-known brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

My personal fave is their Choco Marble flavor with it’s marshmallow-like consistency.

Choco Marble

The price?  So affordable!  Prices start at Php15 for a cup to Php160 for half a gallon.  It definitely won’t burn holes on your pocket.

Another thing I love about Dan Eric’s ice creams, no matter how long we’ve placed them inside the freezer, they never seem to completely turn rock solid.  They’re still as easy to scoop out and retain their shape quite nicely.


There are a few downsides:

1. They melt quite easily.  Not really a big deal.  I know lots of people who prefer their ice creams a little melted.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. Hehehe!  J

2. Dan Eric’s ice creams aren’t available in major supermarkets or grocery stores.  We usually buy them at select corner sari-sari stores and whatnot.  Smalls signs are what informs the public that there are Dan Eric’s ice creams available.

3. Flavors are a little limited selling only the very basics (i.e. Chocolate, Vanilla, Fruit Salad, etc.)  If yours is of a more adventurous palette, then this brand may not be to your liking.

Dan Eric’s ice creams have slowly become a part of some of our previous clan reunions (ravenous people, these relatives of mine.  J)  They make the perfect dessert at such an affortable price.


  1. cavite lang ba to? kinain ko to last sat while waiting for my turn (check-up sa alabang). not really sure sa spelling pero dan eric's ang tanda ko, chocofi and rocky road ang nabili ni hubby.(P12) =) pero wala sa choices of flavors mo.

  2. I've seen a Dan Eric somewhere in Manila, where I used to live. But never tried it. :D

  3. I haven't come across Dan Eric yet, but I'll make sure to ask some friends up in Cainta if they have it there.. :) Would love to try this! ^^

  4. First time to hear about this brand in your blog. thanks for sharing :)

  5. dito samin meron (San Pablo City, Laguna) kapitbahay ko lang yung freezer. lol :D chocolate is my favorite! :)

  6. this is my first time to hear an ice cream brand of that name. i must try this when I get back. =)

  7. I remember having my first DE way back in college @ DLSU-D.
    A store across Niog, Cavite used to sell DE's but I no longer see it every time we pass by.
    Good thing there's a house inside one village in Lipa that still sells DE :)

  8. I am not a south person :|

    But I wanna try!

  9. hmm... haven't sighted one yet but i'll make sure to try even a pint kapag nakakita ako. :)

  10. First time to hear about this brand. Where can we buy? We live in Las Pinas.

  11. I got curious tuloy. Haha. Dan Eric looks good. :) Too bad from the North. I don't think I'll find it when I visit home. :(

  12. I hope they reach manila. I wanna try that. I hope there's a cheese flavor

  13. we have them in paranaque. :) its a family business actually, a family member is residing in the area kaya meron samin. yey! :)

  14. I love Dan Eric's!!! Kasi hindi siya super sweet. We have a stock of Dan Eric's sa office. Hihi.

  15. @michi: Yup! That's it. Chocofi's one of the newer flavors, I think. It's not just in Cavite. I know they also sell in other areas too. =)

    @michymichymoo: It's good. Try one when you see one again. =)

    @Sumi Go: There are also other areas that carry this too. Not sure of some of them exactly. =)

    @The Sunset Goddess: You're welcome. =)

    @gie: Lucky you! Ours is a little far from our place. =)

    @Wild Butterfly: Yup. It's really good and affordable too. =)

    @Em: Layo na rin pala ng reach nila. So they also sell in Batangas na rin. =)

    @Aileen Adalid: I heard they have it in Rizal too. Not sure exactly where though. =)

    @bursky: Pints are only a 100 bucks. Really affordable. =)

    @Eileen: There are some in Paranaque too. Not sure where in Las Pinas. You'll really have to keep an eye open for their sale signs. =)

    @A: There's on in Rizal if you're within the area. =)

    @Tsinoy Foodies: Can't remember if there's cheese. Although they already have quite a lot. =)

    @kaye: Cool! =)

    @Aiza Coronado: Lucky! =)

  16. Maraming Dan Eric's dito sa QC area. Matagal na yan, ngayon lang sya kumalat sa ibang lugar. Totoong masarap, may mga ube flavor pa yan. ube cheese, buko ube, cheese, rocky road. Correction lang po. yun pong pint ay P52, hnd P100. Ang sinasabi nyo po ay 1 liter. Ang sarap sobra, kakain lng namib ng asawa ko :))


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