Monday, July 24, 2017

SG | Carol Mel Cafe

My work is located in a small industrial area in Singapore.  Not really in the Central Business District (CBD), but still considered a bit in the Central area.

Now there are definitely advantages to this.  Mainly is that I can eat lunch on the cheap.  Compared to the Husband, whose office is located right smack in the CBD area and whose lunch costs anywhere from S$10.00 to 15.00 (approx Php340.00 to 510.00), my lunch can cost as little as S$3.00 (Php102.00).

This is all fine and well most of the time; but there are days when I'm craving for a bit more variety (and am in a slightly more generous mood).  In cases like these, I head on over to The Commerz building (about 3 blocks from the office) and grab a bite from one of the restaurants there.

It was on one particularly generous mood (that plus the Husband meeting me on those rare occasions for weekday lunch together) that we decided to try Carol Mel cafe.

Serving both a mix of the usual western fare plus dishes with an east-meets-west fusion feel, this is definitely the place to go if your particularly craving for some good, traditional (or not-so-traditional) comfort food.

My order?  A serving of creamy white Carbonara (S$15.00/Php510.00).  Quite a tasty dish of spaghetti mixed with crunchy bacon bits (as they say, everything tastes better with bacon!) and a sauce of white cheese sprinkled with parmesan.

For the Husband, it's the Aglio Olio (S$15.00/Php510.00).  Spaghetti tossed in herbs, sauteed garlic, olive oil and chili flakes.  And you know it's going to taste good because it's topped with... crunchy bacon bits!!! Slightly spicy.  😊

We were given the option to top up our mains with soup or salad and lemon tea or soda (add S$5.00/Php170).  We opted for the Cream Chunky Mushroom Soup and iced lemon tea.

I don't usually have baked dessert on a weekday (opting instead to have fresh fruit as a break from indulgences over the weekend 😁) but since this was a special day (like I said, it's not everyday the Husband and I have weekday lunch together), we splurge a bit and ordered a slice of Rainbow Cheesecake (S$8.00/Php272.00) to share.

I have to say, this is a dessert any young girl (like the Daughter) would love.  Mainly because it looks so gosh darn cute and colorful!

And although I was just expecting this to taste like any ordinary cheesecake, I was actually surprised that each color part was infused with different fruit flavors!  Amazing!  My only gripe?  It was too small a piece for sharing.  I should have ordered a slice each for the Husband and I.  😁

Overall, not a bad place to indulge once in a while.  Definitely coming back to try something else (you're mine next, Buttermilk Waffle Cheeze Curry Katsu!)


Carol Mel Cafe
1 Irving Place
#01-30 The Commerze@Irving
Singapore (369546)
T:     +65 6635 5755

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