Friday, March 10, 2017

SG | Monster Curry

I love curry!  You see, like most Filipinos, my curry exposure (then) was limited to a milder local version my dad used to cook back home.  It was usually with chicken, loaded with potatoes and carrots, and had runny, less spicy curry sauce.

Another one was the Japanese kind.  Sweet, thick demi-glace sauce that came in a convenient pack that coats each delicious meat and morsel to perfection.  These 2 types where what I grew up eating.

But ever since moving to Singapore and being introduced to the real, authentic kind from India by my office mates, my palette has since changed.  I eventually got used to the spiciness and have since enjoyed its rich, bold flavor.  I've come to crave it so much, that I once ate a curry dish 5x a week for month!  (I swear I would never find a cheap an affordable Indian restaurant back home; but here in Singapore, it's in almost every hawker centre!  I'm so lovin' it!!!)

But the Little Girl is (still) not a fan of spicy curry.  So to slowly introduce her to it, we brought her to try the Japanese kind at Monster Curry.

Monster Curry

Monster Curry is a Japanese restaurant that offers demi-glace curry partnered with fried meat of your choice.

My fave?  The Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry which sells at S$14 (approx Php476).

Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry

Can't decide on a type of protein?  You can also choose a combo set that includes more than 1 type of meat, like the Sea Monster Curry (S$24).  This one has fried fish, scallop and shrimp tempura.  Serves 2.

Sea Monster Curry

Each set comes with a side of shredded cabbage and pickled radish.

So yum!


Monster Curry
1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivo City #02-126
Singapore 098585

T     +65 6221 3308

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