Monday, December 23, 2013

Double Delights Premium Polvoron and Polvoron Cupcakes

It was on one of my very rare occasions when I go get a chance to have a day-off, that I came across these cuties right here...

Double Delights Premium Polvoron and Polvoron Cupcakes

I've always believed that moms, although we are physically able to take the occasional day-off from rearing little ones, the kiddoes are never really far form our minds.  In fact, I'm always amazed that even though the Little One drives me nuts day in and day out, I always miss her whenever I'm not at home.  *sigh*  You can't win!

And so the reason why these Dora-themed (her current favorite show) polvoron cupcakes caught my eye.  I was looking for something to bring home to her as pasalubong when I came across Double Delights Premium Polvoron and Polvoron Cupcakes at Robinson's Galleria.

Edible Dora and Boots

A 4-piece pack like this sells for Php120.  Also comes in a multitude of designs.  But what really got my attention were their wonderful 3D polvoron cupcakes. 

SOURCE: Double Delights Food Products FB page

Aren't they adorable?  Oh!  And the polvoron's good, too.  But I mean, really.  How amazing are those designs?!  (Visit their Facebook page for more pictures).

And they customize orders, too.  Cool!  Just perfect as gifts for the holidays, don't you think?  J


Double Delights Food Products
T       (+63) 932 888 1350 / 2 296 3702 / 2 470 2419

Please visit the Double Delights Food Products' Facebook page (click here for the site) for more information on other designs and branch locations.

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