Monday, July 1, 2013

Continuing my BonChon Chicken Cravings in Singapore

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I'm a late convert of the BonChon chicken craze, having tasted a piece (ok fine.  It was three!  Are you happy?) only a couple of months back while vacationing in Manila (read my full post about that experience in this here link).  I so enjoyed their fried fowl (it was soooo good!) that when I saw their outlet here at Bugis+ mall, I just had to have a bite again.

BonChon at Bugis+ mall, Singapore

Now ordering at their branch here is not as simple as asking for a value/set meal.  Like most fast food restaurants here in the Lion City, BonChon also does not offer their combo meals with rice.  So you'll be quite surprised when set meals here, particularly in fried chicken places like this, are composed of at least 2 to 3 huge pieces per order.

And BonChon is no exception, as patrons are given a choice of either a small, medium, or large combo sizes. 

A small combo meal (S$14.90/Php491.70*), consists of 6 wings and 2 drumstick pieces.  As mentioned,   rice isn't included in the set but you can choose to order a cup for S$2.00 (Php66.00*).

BonChon chicken pieces in soy garlic sauce

Medium (6 wings and 4 drumsticks for S$25.90/Php854.70*) and large (14 wings and 6 drumsticks at S$31.90/Php1,52.70*) sized combos include a side and 2, respectively.  A little pricey as compared to meals at the local franchise, don't you think?

Similar to what's being offered in the Philippines, you also get a choice between the sweet soy garlic or spicy hot sauce marinade.  And similar to when I'm in Manila, I'll also go with the sweet option, of course.

The chicken's just as good as I remember.  It's crunchy and sweet.  Really perfect with rice.

But man does not live on fowl alone; and so we ordered a serving of gyoza (S$6.90/Php227.70*), too.


I used to think that anything slathered with BonChon's sweet soy garlic marinade would turn out quite delicious, having had their Fish and Chips in Manila which also came with the same marinade.  It was a nice take on an otherwise savory, fried concoction.

This was, however, not the case with their gyoza.  It was a disappointment from the first bite as the dumpling tasted like it was entirely made up of meat extenders.  The marinade didn't help matters along.  My belief has been utterly shattered.

Good thing their french fries (S$3.00/Php99.00*) was served with just plain salt.  Guess there are just things better left unaltered.

Plain old salty fries

They still serve one of the best fried poultry ever, though.  And that alone will keep me coming back again and again.  J

*S$1 = Php33


Bugis+ mall
201 Victoria Street, #01-03
Singapore 188067
Tel : 65 68844768

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.

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