Monday, March 18, 2013

Reliving Childhood Pasts at the MINT Museum of Toys, Singapore

I love visiting museums.  So it's actually quite fortunate for us that Singapore has a number of these glorious halls of learning.  But out of all these, the MINT Museum of Toys will most probably always remain my favorite.

Jostling for attention with other eye-catching architectural wonders, one can never imagine that a fun, nostalgia-inducing collection of various playthings await visitors willing to spare a few hours and S$15 (Php495*).

Officially opened in 2007, the MINT Museum of Toys, or more formally known as the "Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys" museum, is considered as the world's first purpose-built museum showcasing vintage toys all around the world.  This 5-storey establishment displays the private collection of Mr. Chang Yang Fa, an avid collector of various memorabilia and playthings.

Toys housed inside glass cases

Over 3,000 pieces of vintage toys and other similar memorabilia are displayed inside special glass cases here; each classified and divided into 4 levels according to specific characteristics.

Plush Dino

The best way to go about the tour is to start at the top, starting at the 5th level (Outerspace), home to space-themed toys and collectibles like Dan Dare and Buck Rogers; to the 4th area (Characters) reserved for childhood heroes and other various characters; going down to the 3rd level (Childhood Favourites) where they celebrate various vivid memories from childhoods past; and all the way to level 2 (Collectibles) for a glimpse of highly collectible and valuable pieces.

Still not convinced?  Here are a few more reasons to visit:

Caper and Little Audrey tin figures

Snoopy and Woodstock plushies

Tintin and the gang

Old Batman TV series poster (Love this show!  Used to watch it everyday during summer break from grade school)

Old Felix the Cat dolls

Various Disney memorabilia

Betty Boop merchandise

Vintage Barbie and Ken dolls

Matchbox cars (my late tito would have loved to add these to his collection)

Old Snakes and Ladders game (Hmmm...doesn't look much different from the current ones...)

Beatles collectibles

The museum also has a restaurant and winebar aptly named Mr. PunchFood and drink -- a perfect way to end your tour.

MINT Museum of Toys... simply an educational trip you won't forget anytime soon.

*S$1 = Php33


MINT Museum of Toys
26 Seah Street 
Singapore 188382
T     +65 63390660 

Please visit the MINT Museum of Toys website (click here for the site) for more information on operating hours and ticketing prices.

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. My baby siblings would go crazy here! :)

  2. ;-) it must be so nostalgic to visit this museum. batman's photo is so old.

  3. Felix the Cat and Betty Boop! I remember watching them on VHS tapes!

    I love, love this post, Tin! Nostlagic :)


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