Friday, February 17, 2012

My Pink Wasabi

Things are not always what they seem.  Most especially when it comes from My Pink Wasabi.

Sushi?  Guess again.

At first glance, one would think these are savory sushi and maki pieces.  But look a little more closely and you'll find these are actually sweet cakes.

My Pink Wasabi Kashi Makis

Known as Kashi Makis, these hand rolled cakes are decorated and made to look like pieces of sushi and maki.  In a world now dominated by cupcakes, it's quite refreshing to see a totally different take on the ever present cake.  Turning them into these ingenious creations are what adds to their appeal.

A 15 piece tray of My Pink Wasabi's Kashi Makis (Php390) contains an assortment of various cake types. 

One of my personal favorites is the the Ooolong Berry -- an almond cake wrapped in white chocolate strawberry ganache and topped with strawberry-flavored roe/jelly.

Ooolong Berry

Another fave is the Midnight Mint -- a chocolate cake filled with dark mint chocolate ganache and topped with a minty roe/jelly.  Yummy!

Midnight Mint

Others cake flavors include:

Photo taken from the My Pink Wasabi website

Don't you just love a really cool dessert concept?  J

P.S. A word of advice.  Try to eat them fresh.  As like all other cakes, they tend to lose their moistness over long periods in the fridge.


My Pink Wasabi
M     (+63 947) 865 8634


  1. Kakaiba yan ah! I'd like to try them!

  2. I want these too! :D They look so yummy and loving the concept ah. Tamang tama 'cause I'm a big fan of both Japanese cuisine and desserts <3

  3. I've seen this before in Mercato--I think. But the heat was already getting in to me so I didn't try and wait in line then :)) But these look great!

  4. i could only imagine how that Midnight Mint tastes like. i love mint chocolates!

  5. Cool desserts indeed. As they say, eating starts with the eyes and the nose (figuratively of course) Presentation and aroma are like teasers.

  6. oooh! this would be a nice gift for a special occasion (read: anniversary). :D hehe!

  7. That 2nd photo, the kashi maki surrounded by nuts, looks awesome! :D

  8. hahaha okay yan ah! i'm not into wasabi's, sushi's and other japanese dishes but these i'll probably like!

  9. I know right? I bought it because I was so intrigued with how it was assembled. =)

  10. I want to try this one. Looks yummy.


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