Monday, July 17, 2017

CRAFTY | The Daughter's S$2 Art Caddy

I read a parenting article way back stating that kids should have easy access to their art supplies so when inspiration hits, they can just as easily reach out and create.  I believe every little child has this creativity bug in them.  The Daughter herself loves doing crafts.  She doodles, cuts, paints, etc.

Whereas before, her art supplies were all placed inside her closets, we decided now was a good time to have it out in the open.  So off I went to Daiso and bought this -- a plastic remote control holder.

Ok, I hear you.  Why a remote control holder?

Well, mainly because Daiso didn't really have an art caddy that I felt was just right for our needs.  With the Daughter's crayons, markers and scissors (among other things), we needed one with enough compartments to fit everything in nicely in a shape that wouldn't take too much space in her already small desk.

Now this remote control holder fits all our needs to a T.

See.  Now everything's handy in her little table.  I love watching her sit down and create to her heart's content.  And best of all, it costs only S$2!  😊

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