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Happy V: Singapore’s (Temporary) Alternative to Jollibee

It’s funny how, considering Singapore is home to thousands of working Filipinos, there is still no Jollibee branch in sight here.  We have home-grown hits such as Tapa King, Shakey’s Pizza and Gerry’s Grill (I am sure there are more); but the giant red bee?  None so far (although we’ve heard that a branch will be opening late this year.  Hoping and wishing it will come soon enough…)

So where exactly do Filipinos get their sweet Pinoy spaghetti and fried chicken joy fix?  Why at Happy V, of course.

Happy V at their Lucky Plaza branch

Happy V is a Singapore-based eatery that sells food items that look surprisingly like the ones sold by Jollibee (I say looks like since the taste of most of their items is slightly different from the original.)

Just take a look and see for yourself.

Spaghetti and chicken combo meal

This is my Spaghetti and Chicken combo meal (S$6/Php198*).  Looking at it, you’d swear this came from a Jollibee store.  The spaghetti is sweet enough to suit the Filipino palate.  Although it tastes slightly different from a Jolly Spaghetti, it's still really good.

Here’s another example.  A picture of their Pancit Palabok (a type of Filipino noodle dish with shrimp) yields the same conclusion.  This combo meal, also with chicken, will set you back around S$6 (Php198*) as well.

Pancit palabok and fried chicken combo meal

Noodle dishes aside, Happy V’s fried chicken, on the other hand, looks and tastes just like a real deal chicken joy (no kidding.)  

If you think this all mere coincidence, think again. Happy V was, in fact, formerly known as Jolly V.  Rumor even has it that Jollibee threatened to sue the pants off the owner for this blatant copying (almost) of their brand.   

Guess it didn’t push through as the store is still well alive and kickin’.  In fact, they’re packed tight during the weekends by Filipinos wanting their fried chicken fix.

Necessity is indeed the mother of all invention.  J

*S$1 = Php33


Happy V

Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road
#02-58, Singapore 238863

18 Raffles Quay
Stall 65, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
Singapore 048582

Complete with cheesy slogan


  1. Ang cute!!! Good thing they changed names. Lagot sila kung sakali.

  2. That's so Jollibee! :). It's good there's something like that there. The closest thing you can get to the original, I guess :)

  3. Play on words. I remember a burger joint in Naga City before named Mang Donald with a logo similar to the famous burger joint. I have no idea what happened to it though.

    I've been to two food courts along Orchard Road with both having Filipino stalls. Goes to show there really are lots of Filipinos in SG.

    1. Call me corny but I love finding places with silly word names like that. As long as they're impressive a. Here in Cavite, there's a barber shop called Felix the Cut. Silly! Hehehe! =)

  4. Jollibee na Jollibee nga. I've heard about this place before but never really had the time to check it out.

    1. It's ok if you're missing Jollibee. =)

      I heard that the real thing will be opening in Lucky Plaza. Smart choice, if you ask me. =)


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