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Making Money Through Ebay and Article Writing

Choosing not to work for the time being while waiting for our Singapore dependent passes to be approved, was a tough decision I had to make.  Although I am quite thankful I am able to see the Little One in her first few months of life, I am and will forever be a career woman and the idea of not being able to work and earn my own keep frightens me.

So when I came back to Manila, I decided look for a few ways on how to make money online just to ease off the boredom and break the monotony of life.

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One way of doing it was to reopen my store.  I used to sell my old books through this online site as a way of decluttering my collection.  But with the impending move to Singapore, I find that I could sell some most of my babies off to good homes while at the same time earning a few extra spending money on the side. (Note:  Shameless plug.  Please visit my store, username christine00900, if you have the chance.  You might be able to find something of interest.  J)

Another way of earning online is by writing articles.  I signed up with, a local site that offers writing assignments for website content (read my full review here.)  The nice thing about this is that I am given the freedom to choose my assignments.

The internet is indeed a wonder and because of this, earning from home has never been this easy and more accessible to everyone.  J


  1. It's nice that aside from honing your talent, you're earning from it also. :)

  2. You should try out and They are both very safe and they pay in dollars, so better chances of earning more :) I've been using them for five years now.

  3. you're right! the internet s full of opportunities. got my own writing tasks, too and it kept me busy. but motherhood (and being a stay at home mom while kiddos are young) is my vocation. i feel guilty letting them watch tv or play on their while i finish my tasks... so i ended up working at night:-(.

  4. It's agood thing na meron ng mga ganyan ganyan na earning money online na kahit nasa bahay ka lang e pwede ka kumita.

  5. Hi Tin! You're moving back to Singapore na pala? Anyway, I used to sell on eBay too---but I stopped it because of lack of time and I just ended up using the money I earned to shop for stuff there too :) hehe. But eBay is indeed a good place to sell online---i find it really has more "guaranteed" customers as opposed to Multiply.

  6. @michymichymoo: I agree. Writing has also been provided such solace for me whenever I feel bored and disheartened.

    @Wonder Woman: Thanks! Will check on that too! =) I know what you mean. It's just so hard trying to find a balance sometimes. =(

    @anney: So true. I know a lot of people who quit their jobs just to get into this kind of work. The work environment is indeed changing bit by bit. =)

    @The Sunset Goddess: Yup! We'll be leaving by end of March but I'm still lining up a lot of posts regarding the Phils. So it will be a few months on before I'll be posting anything SG-related. Hehehe! =D

    I haven't tried multiply yet but and sulit are the ones I trust most. And you're right. I find more sure buyers in Ebay. =)

  7. I've only been to Singapore once and I really loved it! :) Anyway, I hope we still get to keep in touch with our blogs even if you'll be living in Singapore already. I wish you all the best there and I can't wait for our SG posts :)


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