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The Average Jane Blog Calling Cards

Being in Human Resources requires you to meet and mingle with a lot of people.  As fun and interesting as it sounds, the mind, however, is a very fickle mistress and one thing that annoys me big time is when I forget a person's name just a few minutes after being introduced, which is why I am extremely grateful for business cards.

Making sure I had a small stock of them handy inside my wallet became a ritual I had to complete before conducting an interview or attending a corporate event.  Needless to say, now that I am temporarily out of corporate life (for the time being anyway), I no longer have the pleasure of carrying my own set of business cards.

When I first started The Average Jane blog, I never had an inkling that I would be needing them for this too. 

The Average Jane blog calling cards

Having been used to carrying these types of cards around for professional reasons, I've always associated them with business and work.  But attending a few events have led me to discover how helpful these blog calling cards are when networking and even for making a few more online friends, so I decided I should have a few printed.  Just a simple design and a few details included at the back.

I initially planned to have them done professionally but then realized that I didn't want to make such a big deal out of them.  This blog started as an outlet for release and creativity.  And so, in line with this thinking, I decided to make them myself.

Making the cards were easy and didn't cost me much to make.

1. First off, I browsed the web for a few blog calling card ideas (love the net for the wonders it holds!) 

After preparing a short visual board, I then proceeded to prepare the card layouts using Windows Word application (yes, I do not know how to use Photoshop.  Hehehe!)

2. I had them printed out at the neighborhood computer rental shop (Php6 per page) on some cardboard paper I bought at National Bookstore (cost me around Php47 for 10 pieces.)

I could fit in 10 blog calling cards in a single board paper.  So I used all 10 pieces to make 100 cards.   Cutting is done by hand.

Tip:  A nifty trick I learned while doing this is to print your outlines in a very light gray color.  Once cut, these lines appear almost invisible.

All in all I spent around Php107 for all 100 blog calling cards.

Follow me...

Really handy, these blog calling cards.  J


  1. I do the same with invitation cards for family events. mas matipid :)

  2. @Jenggai: It also gives a really nice personal touch too. =)

  3. The calling card looks so nice and neat! :) I love the picture that you used. It's also very useful for you especially since you are active in events. Maganda talaga sis ang personalized kasi hindi ka lang makakatipid ay mas naaapreciate mo din ang output. ^__^

  4. haha parehas tayo, handmade calling cards lang din :P
    love the design ah, very average jane talaga :)

  5. @Karla: Thanks, Karla. Although I'm not that much active in events. The Little One wouldn't allow me to go to a lot kasi. Hehehe! =)

    @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas: I think handmade gives it a very nice personal touch. Plus I don't earn from the blog so matipid ako. Hehehe! =D

    @Em: You're welcome. =)

    @gie: Thank you. =)

  6. Neat! Thanks for the tip. It would be handy for Library cutouts too! :)

  7. love this! and congrats on having your own business card...

  8. I also made my own calling cards before. It's fun to make your own design and choose the paperboard material.

  9. @Aileen: Yup. I love DIY projects. It's so relaxing kasi. =)

  10. You just inspired me to make my biz card (photography). :)

  11. OK itong tip mo ah. Will use this when making my own calling cards. Wala pa kasi akong calling card eh. Kaya kapag may nanghihingi ng card ko sinasabi ko na lang na nakalimutan ko.

  12. ang cute simple pero rock.....

    dropping by from Anney's blog

  13. @Mrs.A: Good luck with the project, Mrs.A! I'm sure it'll look great! Just like you're photos. =)

    @Ishmael Fischer Ahab: It's easy to make naman. Gawa na! =)

    @Cielo of Brown Pinay: Thanks for visiting. =)

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  15. Awesome!!! I really like your post and your simple business card.


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