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Sakae Sushi: The Philippine Edition

Hey yo!  I'm back!  Blogging again from quite (?) hazy Singapore.  Here in vacation for the month, the Little One and I plan to get in some much-needed bonding time with the Husband. 

In other news, I think I'm out of my slump which resulted in my unofficial non-blogging hiatus (started early this year and one I hope not to do again).  A major personal project is hugely the cause (one of which I have every intention of finishing this year) -- a really personal one as I am doing this in order to preserve our family's precious memories and moments for the Little One.  More on that soon. 

And so, we go back to our regular programming...


I love me some Japanese food!

Next to Filipino fare, restaurants serving/specializing in Japanese cuisine are my go-to dining establishments  of choice.  And what better way to enjoy sushi (kaizen-zushi-style pa!) than at Sakae Sushi.

Sakae Sushi at Mall of Asia, Pasay

This, folks, is not my first time at Sakae Sushi.  Having tried them out during their early months in the Philippines (and us being regulars here in the Lion City -- read my post here), we're more or less well-acquainted with what they have to offer.

Seating perfect for a cozy date

An All-Day-Sushi buffet in Sakae Sushi PH will set you back around Php399 (VAT included) for adults and Php249 for kids 4 feet and below.  And for voracious sushi lovers, this I highly recommend for in the long run, you'll probably spend less than if you're paying per plate (see price comparison below).


Availment of the sushi buffet comes with a bowl of Miso soup and bottomless hot or cold green tea.  Not bad, eh?

Miso soup and green tea

The hardest part now is what to try first, most especially when everything looks just so darn good!  To help you out, here's just a few of my favorites:


Inarizushi or sushi rice wrapped in sweet, fried tofu skin (aburaage).  The skin's cooked in a sweet soy sauce-based mixture first before it is drained and wrapped around a fistful of sushi rice.  Yum!

Salmon Nigiri

I've always been a sucker for salmon.  Hence, no brainer here; I will always have either Salmon Sashimi or a Salmon Nigiri.  Paired with (lots of) thin slices of pickled ginger and I'm in raw foodie heaven!

Crab Stick Sushi

Crab Stick Sushi.  Did you know that these crab meat sticks aren't really made from crab meat?!  Yup.  Learned about it from a TV a documentary once.  But that still doesn't stop me from having a piece (or two) of this sushi.

California Roll

The California Roll.  Hard-core sushi aficionados will contest that the California maki or roll is non-traditional sushi.  But dang it, they just taste so darn good!

Crab Mayo Gunkan Sushi

I'm a recent convert of the Crab Mayo Gunkan Sushi.  In a nutshell, it's sushi rice wrapped in nori with heaping of crab flakes (among other things) and mayo (sort of like a creamy salad) on top.  Just a great combination! 

Another favorite is the Tamago Sushi.  Sweet, sweet scrambled egg on top of sushi rice.  I can even eat the egg by its lonesome.

Definitely coming back for more next time...  J


Sakae Sushi
Mall of Asia
Pasay, Philippines


  1. I get confused now on where you're based haha but I vaguely remember you saying you're based in Manila again for good? And you just visit SG every now and then, am I right? :)

    Anyways, I have been craving for Japanese food since forever! Haha exag. Seriously, I've been craving for it since last week. And very timely I saw this post. I think it's a sign--I have to give in soon! Haha.

    1. Hehehe! Sorry for the confusion. Yes, my daughter and I are based here in PH (for the meantime) but we go to Singapore from time to time to visit the husband. =)


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